• Wedding ceremonies Photography

    Once the wedding has ended, the Photography are simply beginning. Cabrera Photography can capture all of the moments of the existence. From wedding anniversaries and  family reunions, to sports and graduations, we are able to make all of your reminiscences return for you in the touch of the mouse.Allow us compile a unique presentation to talk about at the gathering, or film your event to experience again for decades in the future. 

  • Engagements Photography

    Share the storyline of the existence together as well as your engagement together with your buddies and relatives. We’ll create a short story to become presented at the reception for those to determine. Include still photos, videos and interviews. Presented on the video projector for simple viewing. (screen not given)   Approximate length on video is 10 min. 

  • Kids Birthday Parties Photography

    Celebrate a family members birthday celebration having a tribute video and photos detailing their existence and family. An effective way for lengthy distance relatives to talk about within the excitement from the party.

  • Photography Family reunions

    Keep the family members near to you whatsoever occasions. Whether your searching for a photography and video presentation at the reunion, or perhaps a highlight video from the party or both  we are able to take proper care of all of your needs

  • Photography Graduations

    Celebrate the truly amazing accomplishment of the child’s graduation having a video recording their childhood, buddies, sports activities and scholastic accomplishments.

  • Genealogy Photography

    Share reminiscences before they’re forgotten having a photgraphy  of ones own history. Using interviews with grandmother and grand daddy, photos from sometime ago, and tales that unify your family members, we’ll produce a video clip that captures one’s heart of the items this means to become family. A valued heirloom for decades in the future!

  • Quinceanera Photography

    The celebration marks the transition from girl to woman’s quinceañera. It serves in an effort to recognize the lady under consideration has arrived at maturity. The celebration however varies a great deal, or perhaps a good memory which causes it to be memorable in photography

  • Fashion Photography

    Here was always the presence of fashionable dress, but the thought of taking photographs to assist sell clothing and add-ons had just come up. Fashion photography is really a genre of photography dedicated to exhibiting clothing along with other fashion products. Fashion photography is most frequently carried out for ads or magazines for example Style, Vanity Fair, or Elle. With time, fashion photography is promoting its very own aesthetic where the clothes and styles are enhanced by the existence of exotic locations or add-ons.

  • Boudoir Photography

    Typically shot inside a photographer’s studio or luxury hotel suites, it is fashionable to produce a group of sensual or sexually suggestive images of ladies (and from time to time males and couples) in “boudoir style”. The most typical symbol of contemporary boudoir photography would be to take versions of candid and posed photographs from the subject partially dressed or perhaps in lingerie. Nudity is much more frequently implied than explicit. In a commercial sense the genre is frequently (though not solely) based on an industry for brides to surprise their future husbands by gifting the pictures on or before their big day. Other motivations or inspiration for boudoir photography shoots include wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, Valentine’s, weight reduction routines, maternity, other type of body change or alteration (for example breast enhancement or reduction) as well as for soldiers and ladies overseas.

  • Maternity Photography

    Maternity photography, is just one of our most delicate photography services and that we capture the perfect moment inside your existence, getting a diploma of maternity photo taking art, that his memory is memorable